Built by b8ta

There’s a new start-up company called b8ta. This software-powered retail startup just launched a new platform that aims to help digital-focused brands build a successful in-store presence, according to TechCrunch.

The new platform is dubbed “Built by b8ta.” It will allow b8ta to leverage the expertise in opening and running stores that it has acquired from building 79 of its own modular and digital-driven locations since December 2015. Netgear, a manufacturer of networking hardware, will have the first Built by b8ta store, opening this June in Silicon Valley. b8ta expects 10 to 15 more brands, including cosmetics, apparel, and furniture retailers, to open stores this year.

b8ta is trying to offer flexible and relatively inexpensive options to make it easier to build a physical presence. Operating a brick-and-mortar location can be difficult and costly, especially for brands that only have an online store.

Helping Brand Success

To help these brands succeed in-store, Built by B8ta offers three types of locations: 1: A flagship location starting at 500 square feet; 2: a smaller open concept store meant for mall common areas, and 3: a spot in a pre-existing b8ta location.  This will let brands choose what best fits their brick-and-mortar needs. b8ta is looking to make such endeavors more feasible by helping brands with stores’ infrastructure, design, and more. By offering these services, b8ta claims it can help brands open a store in as fast as three months without substantial friction — CEO Vibhu Norby told TechCrunch using Built by b8ta is at least 50% cheaper for a brand than opening a store itself.

b8ta Providing Services

Built by b8ta also provides services in two key categories to help direct-to-consumer brands operate brick-and-mortar locations.

  • Services: The platform includes tools to handle checkout, inventory management, and staff scheduling to aid day-to-day operations. b8ta also collects data and runs its own analytics which can lead to valuable insights, especially considering b8ta can track consumers’ interactions with its digital tools.
  • Logistics and management: b8ta offers to take care of same-day delivery and installation, which gives stores capabilities beyond their physical location. It also does not require brands to hire their own management teams, as b8ta intends to open multiple stores for different brands in the same shopping centers, allowing one team to work for a set of stores.

Pop-up Store Experience

Beyond online brands, malls and more established stores could work with b8ta to create a quality pop-up store experience. Multiple malls, along with retailers like Macy’s, have been making room for pop-up areas in order to boost in-store traffic, as online sales outpace in-store’s performance. By working with b8ta, these stores may be able to create these areas for a lower price, and have seamless transitions between pop-up retailers as b8ta will be a consistent presence.

Business Insider by dkeyes@businessinsider.com (Daniel Keyes)

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